Andover, Lexington Kentucky

It’s impossible to deny that Lexington is an amazing place to live.

It has rolling fields of bluegrass, winding tree-lined streets, and spectacular sunrises.

But Lexington is also defined by its unique real estate. The homes in this city are absolutely stunning with traditional and colonial architecture.

They have gorgeous, red brick exteriors and charming shuttered windows that enchant every person who lays their eyes on them.

Everything that makes Lexington so great can be found in the picturesque community of Andover.

Located at the southeastern edge of the city, Andover epitomizes Kentucky living with its lazy tree-lined streets and large traditional homes.

There’s no better place to live than Andover!

Extraordinary Andover…

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lexington local business, open sign

Lexington is a hip, dynamic and thriving young city on the rise. The bluegrass and the surrounding hills of green may be best known for expansive horse farms and a semi-rural existance, but Lexington is a modern city with a eclectic culture to rival any major city across the United States.

One thing's for sure - Lexington is open for business!

We like to support our local Kentucky businesses. Join us as we get local and explore a few of our favorite small businesses making their mark in the city.

Restaurants & Hangouts

Carson's Food & Drink

362 Main Street, Lexington, KY

Carson's is characterized by elevated pub fare and a combination of classic, Kentucky cocktails and local craft brews. The…

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Benefits of hiring a Lexington Buyer's Agent

Lexington Kentucky is ready to welcome you home! All you need to do now is find a Lexington buyer’s agent who’s right for you.


You don’t think you need a buyer’s agent? Let us explain the 6 top benefits to you of hiring a buyer’s agent.

Specialized Local Knowledge

Buying a property can be an intimidating process. Buying a farm or horse farm property poses its own unique industry knowledge. Since these properties are a large part of what the Lexington Kentucky real estate market offers you’ll want a professional working with you!

  • Are you looking for specific features?
  • How about a particular neighborhood or area?
  • What type of property are you needing?

The differences between buying a house, a farm and a horse farm are…

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Chevy Chase is arguably the best positioned neighborhood found anywhere in Lexington.

Not only is it located just a few minutes outside of the bustling downtown core of the city, it also borders the Lexington campus of the University of Kentucky. There’s even a convenient shopping district located just north of Chevy Chase that features just about every convenience you could need.

Chevy Chase is classic Lexington through and through. The wonderful tree-lined streets meander in front of its numerous classic homes. Many feature the classic red-brick and concrete construction materials that epitomize the city. Locals of the neighborhood have a great sense of community and love to get out for a relaxing stroll regularly.

Featured Chevy Chase…

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record home sales in kentucky: here's why it's a great time to buy

Kentucky is always a great place to live. There’s no question there.

The landscape is absolutely stunning and diverse, we enjoy four wonderfully distinct seasons and the people are just friendly, welcoming folk.

But, now is an especially great time to buy or sell a home in Kentucky - the market is primed! Home sales are at a record level despite the current economic climate. Here’s why it’s never been a better time to sell a home in Kentucky - or buy one for that matter!

Why it’s a Great Time for Kentucky Home Sellers

Low Inventory = Big Time Demand

Things are looking pretty great for home owners and wannabe home owners for sure, but it's definitely a sellers market out there.

The Kentucky homes sales market is on fire, with no signs…

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checklist with black pen

From experience, REALTORS® know a house that "sparkles" on the surface will sell for a higher price.

Additionally, buyers feel more comfortable purchasing a well-cared for home because if what they see is maintained, what they can't see has probably been maintained also.

Your Lexington REALTOR®, who is familiar with buyers expectations in your neighborhood, can advice you specifically on what improvements need to be made - don't hesitate to ask for advice. That's what they are there for.

Run through the below checklist and you'll be well on your way to a successful home sale!

Enhance Your Home's Curb Appeal

Keep the lawn edged neatly, cut and watered
Trim hedges, weed lawns and flower beds & prune trees
Check the foundation,…

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We’ve already covered how Lexington is clearly better than Louisville, but how does it stack up against some of our neighboring state’s top cities?

Lexington offers a refreshing slower pace and a great quality of life. As a smaller city (315,109 residents vs. 465,230 in Atlanta), Lexington enjoys a degree of that appealing small-town aesthetic. But, don’t take our word for it. Not only did Lexington trounce Louisville on US News & World Report’s Best Places ranking, it also blew Atlanta out of the water.

Atlanta didn’t even crack the top 50.

So, let’s compare the two major cities. Lexington vs. Atlanta: A Cost and Lifestyle Comparison.

The Cost of Housing

Understandably, finding a place to live is a top concern when you move to a new…

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waterfall and stream in Raven Run Nature Sanctuary, outside Lexington, KY

Lexington surely has a more laid-back, small-town sensibility than other major American cities of a similar size, but everyday life can definitely get just as hectic.

Luckily, the city of Lexington and the surrounding Kentucky landscape’s rolling hills of green are brimming with national parks, green spaces and nature sanctuaries just waiting to be explored.

With parks opening up more and more across the state, join us as we explore 4 great Lexington-area parks that you can escape to this weekend.

Special Note: Both Raven Run Nature Sanctuary and McConnell Springs Park are requiring that visitors register before they visit. You can register your vehicle online here - groups are staggered. Registration at Raven Run is good for 2 hours and 1…

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home in lexington neighborhood of lakewood

Lakewood is a well established and highly attractive Lexington neighborhood that does a great job of marrying urban convenience with rural sensibilities.

The community takes up a prized position in the southwest quadrant of the city of Lexington, just 5 miles from the downtown core. This position ensures that locals residents maintain fantastic access to all the best Lexington has to offer while also having the ability to escape to their own serene, semi-rural sanctuaries.

Lakewood is a larger neighborhood, containing just over 100 properties in total. Despite its size, Lakewood has managed to stay quite exclusive. Made up of mainly larger, palatial family homes on larger lots, these are the types of properties that home buyers hang on to.


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aerial view of the University of Kentucky in Lexington, KY

So, you're moving to Kentucky.

There's a lot to think about when you're moving, but naturally choosing exactly where you want to live is among the first major decisions you'll have to make. Kentucky is absolutely beautiful and has rightly earned its position as a gem in America's midwest.

Beautiful rolling hills of green grass are among the most iconic hallmarks in the state, one of several surprisingly diverse ecosystems found here.

Once you've settled on Kentucky as your next home, likely Lexington or Louisville are two of the top options. They are after all the state's largest cities and major population centers. But, the two really couldn't be more different. Which will you choose?

Forget Lousiville, we're here to convince you that…

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