The Ultimate Checklist for Moving to Kentucky - 2020 Edition

Posted by The Realtors of Turf Town Properties on Friday, April 17th, 2020 at 6:05am.

the ultimate checklist for moving to kentucky

Kentucky has a lot going for it.

The Bluegrass state is renowned for rolling green fields, black wooden fences and champion thoroughbred horses, but there is so much more to the state than that. Despite its moniker, Kentucky is home to wildly diverse climates that can be categorized into 5 distinct areas.

As long as you do your research, you’ll be alright. Local Kentuckians are friendly and welcoming to a fault, so they’d be more than happy to help you get acclimatized.

And we're also here to answer any questions you may have.

Just remember, it’s bourbon out here, not whiskey. Fully 95 per cent of the world’s bourbon is made here, and we’re proud of that fact.

Are you ready to make the move? Here’s your ultimate checklist for moving to Kentucky in 2020.

Why Move to Kentucky?

Well we’ve covered a few of the state’s biggest selling features already: beautiful landscapes, friendly people...bourbon.

Still not convinced?

It’s a very affordable place to live as well. Kentucky ranked 8th in the country for affordability, that’s 11.4% lower than the national average. If that weren’t enough, the majority of homes across the state, including big cities like Lexington and Louisville, are relatively new, built between the year 2000 and 2010.

This means that in addition to the wildly attractive and historic character homes found in communities big and small across the state, you’ll also find a nice selection of more contemporary offerings.

Before the Move

Get to Know Kentucky, it’s Communities & Neighborhoods

Kentucky is a state after all and quite large.

So, you’ve settled on Kentucky as the place to live, likely for a job, so which part of the state are you planning to live in?

If the big city lifestyle is for you, then one of Lexington’s beautifully scenic neighborhoods could be just the ticket. But, just like any big city, each neighborhood has its own character, dominant housing types and amenities, so do yourself a favor and research which one would be best for you.

Of course, outside of the city is a multitude of more rural, quaint small communities that just might fully embody the Kentucky spirit. Each one has a lot going for it.

Put Together An Realistic Moving Budget

You have to account for the worst-case scenario here. Of course, you always hope things turn out perfect, but experience tells us this is often not the case.

Do your best to account for any potential emergencies or breakdowns. Anything could happen during a move and you could potentially be stuck paying for anything from a burst radiator hose to a night or two in a roadside hotel.

It pays to be prepared.

Sign Up, Update or Cancel

You’re not just moving down the street or to a new city, this is a new state. Things are done a little differently here.

Again, do your research. Make sure you know who all the different utility providers are. Are you going to want internet and cable set up as soon as you’re done unloading the moving truck?

Similarly, unless you enjoy paying for services you don’t use, make sure to give your current provider enough notice. No one enjoys getting double billed. This includes cable, internet and other providers.

Also make sure all subscriptions and other services are aware you’ve moved. That is if you want to continue getting your copy of National Geographic.

After the Move

Don’t Go Crazy with New Purchases Right Away

It can be an attractive prospect to go on a shopping spree after you’ve moved.

Unless you brought a ton of furniture from your old place, you’ll need a few new pieces to help pull each room of your new home together.

But don’t rush into it.

Look for new coupons for stores and restaurants delivered to your home. There may be some excellent sales and promotions you can take advantage of.

Also, go garage saling, search local Facebook groups or other websites for new or lightly used household stuff. You’d be amazed by the unique items waiting to be discovered, and what better way to start to get to know your new home better.

Embrace Your Inner Kentuckian & Build a New Community

A new place can be scary.

You’re away from friends and family and all those familiar things you’ve become used to. It can be scary but exciting at the same time. It's helpful to think about what you’ve gained and the new opportunities available than to dwell on the things you’ve left behind.

When it comes to building a new community and new relationships, it’s often best to close your eyes and jump in with both feet. Every relationship starts with a simple hello after all.

So, embrace your inner Kentuckian!

There’s lots of beautiful countryside to explore and experiences to be had here. Get out there and try all those things you can’t do anywhere else: try horseback riding, buy a ticket to the bourbon trail, try a few of the local delicacies or even rock climbing in the Red River Gorge.

This new world is yours to explore!

Are you considering a move to the great state of Kentucky? Please contact Turf Town Properties online or call (859) 268-4663 or (888) 268-4663 today!

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