4 Popular Home Styles in Lexington

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popular architectural home styles in lexington, kentucky

The city of Lexington and the surrounding communities owe a lot to the colonial past of the region.

This heritage is literally in the DNA of the landscape and imprinted in the architectural styles of the buildings themselves. Without a doubt the architectural styles best represented and found most common throughout the region pay a huge debt to early America and colonialism.

Of course, Central Kentucky is well known for its wonderfully preserved historic sites, iconic estates and civil war memorials but beautiful design features can be found in the character homes that enter the market each day!

Join us as we explore a collection of the most iconic and quintessentially Kentuckian architectural and home styles in and around Lexington, KY.

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colonial style home in lexington, ky


Without a doubt among the most common styles found in the Lexington area, Colonial-style architecture takes cues directly from the past. A very formal, tradition style, homes tend to be very rectangular featuring very symmetrical design elements. Distinctly, you’ll often find evenly spaced double-paned windows with iconic shutters that are instantly recognizable.

Inside, the more formal style of the bygone era is very evident. Rooms are typically quite divided, creating living and dining areas that are quite distinct from one another.

farmhouse-style home in lexington, ky


Farmhouse style is less about a specific architectural style and more about where the property sits - namely a farm, naturally. As you can imagine, farmhouses aren't hard to find throughout Lexington and the surrounding communities.

The classic farmhouse that many imagine - clapboard siding, a semi-enclosed front porch - takes big inspiration from the colonial style described above. Of course they also tend to be larger to accommodate big families with a number of gathering places within.

As with most classic, character-home layouts, the kitchen and formal living area are on the main floor, with all bedrooms located upstairs.

federalist-style home in lexington, ky


Considered a new style to come out of the founding of the United States, Federal architecture takes big ques from the renaissance. You’ll often find fine decorative finishes and geometric shapes with definite Greek and classic influences.

Private homes were often viewed as a way to demonstrate the wealth of the owner, so the Federalist style often features a pretty grand facade. Also, multiple windows will take up space along the front and large columns were often employed to create an impressive front entryway.

Similar to the colonial style, the interior features rooms that were quite divided and distinct from one another.

contemporary-style home in lexington, ky


Contemporary-style architecture is hard to button down, as it takes its cues from a myriad of styles, but you know one when you see it. They are typically unsymmetrical and feature different, often contrasting, building materials in their construction. In Lexington specifically, you’ll often see a mix of the colonial-style with more modern design elements.

On closer inspection, you’ll see that contemporary homes (which are naturally a bit newer) often employ a more energy efficient focus with newer, more sustainable building materials.

On the inside, contemporary styles more often than not feature the much more open floor plans that are favored by both modern builders and the modern buying public.

BONUS: Downtown Condos & Lofts

Condos and lofts have become ubiquitous to the more urban, downtown cores of cities across the nation. Lexington is no different.

Today’s modern condos often features large windows to allow plenty of natural light, as well as open floor plans and high-ceilings to make most use of the more limited interior space.

Of course downtown condos and lofts boast a wide range of interior features as well as building amenities to suit quite a range of tastes. Many love condos for the low-maintenance lifestyle they afford, as well as proximity to some of the best downtown Lexington has to offer.

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